1 Generic Drugs

2 O List

Occult blood test kit miscell

Octreotide acetate injection

Octreotide acetate intramusc

Ofloxacin intraven

Ofloxacin ophthalmic

Ofloxacin oral

Ofloxacin otic

Olanzapine oral

Olmesartan medoxomil and Hydrochlorothiazide

Omega3 fatty acids oral

Omeprazole oral

Ondansetron HCl and Dextrose

Ondansetron HCl intraven

Ondansetron oral

Opium Kaolin Pectin and

Opium and Belladonna alkaloids

Opium oral

Oprelvekin subcutane

Orlistat oral

Orphenadrine HCl oral

Orphenadrine citrate Aspirin and

Orphenadrine citrate injection

Oseltamivir phosphate oral

Oxacillin sodium and Dextrosewater

Oxacillin sodium injection

Oxacillin sodium intraven

Oxacillin sodium oral

Oxaliplatin intraven

Oxandrolone oral

Oxaprozin oral

Oxiconazole nitrate topical

Oxtriphylline oral

Oxybenzone Avobenzone Octyl methoxycinnamate

Oxybenzone Homosalate Cinoxate and

Oxybenzone Homosalate Octyl methoxycinnamate

Oxybenzone Homosalate and Octyl

Oxybenzone Octyl methoxycinnamate and

Oxybenzone Padimate O and

Oxybenzone and Cinoxate topical

Oxybenzone and Dioxybenzone topical

Oxybenzone and Homosalate topical

Oxybenzone and Octyl methoxycinnamate

Oxybenzone and Padimate O

Oxycodone HCl and Acetaminophen

Oxycodone HCl oral

Oxycodone and Aspirin oral

Oxymetazoline HCl and Menthol

Oxymetazoline HCl nasal

Oxymetholone oral

Oxymorphone HCl injection

Oxyphenbutazone oral

Oxyphencyclimine HCl oral

Oxytetracycline HCl and Hydrocortisone

Oxytetracycline calcium oral

Oxytocin injection

Oxytocin nasal